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Uniting the planet's pioneers

Together, we will journey to every continent, every country, and every community. And ask the question, what is the future you dream of?

We will explore the blockers to us getting there, and we'll ask: What will it take, what do we need, what do you need to create a future where we all thrive in balance and harmony with nature and each other?


Carl Pratt Founder of Future Planet

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FuturePlanet - Podcast - Catherine Howarth
FuturePlanet - Podcast - Jonathan Porritt
FuturePlanet Podcast - Philippe Birker
FuturePlanet - Podcast - Timothee Parrique
Episode 1

Catherine Howarth CEO Share Action

Promoting responsible investment across Europe

Episode 2

Jonathan Porritt Environmental Campaigner

A call for nonviolent civil disobedience to confront the climate emergency

Episode 3

Philippe Birker CEO ClimateFarmer

Scaling and financing regenerative agriculture

episode 4

Timothee Parrique Dr. in economics of degrowth

An exploration of degrowth and its meaning

FuturePlanet - Podcast - Michelle Holiday
FuturePlanet - Podcast - David Carlin
FuturePlanet - Podcast - Anne Hopkins and Simeon Rose
Episode 5

Michelle Holliday - Author The Age of Thrivability

What moving into state of Thrivability means in practice

Episode 6

David Carlin -  Head of Climate Risk and TCFD at UNEP FI

How to release a flowing river of climate finance

Episode 7

Simeon & Anne Rose  Nature on the Board

How they gave nature a voice on the board at Faith in Nature

Episode 8

Adam Read - Chief Sustainability Officer at Suez UK

Transforming the material and resources sector to be wasteless

Episode 9

Kumi Naidoo - Founding Chair at Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity

Exploring what real activism is and Kumi's struggle for justice

Episode 10

Catherine Conway - Director & Reuse Lead at GoUnpackaged

Adventure through re-use economy, behavior change, collaboration, and policy

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